The Return of The Druggist

The Return of The DRUGGIST.

Many younger pharmacists do not know what a druggist is. The word has been disparaged ever since Durham-Humphrey gave our profession to the A.M.A. and allowed the phenomenon called Pharma to put down roots. Before “Legend Drugs” the patient in need had a choice. The Druggist or The Doctor. Doctors too often relied on the knife. It was the Main Street Drug Store Druggist who would listen to your complaints, give advice and then counter-prescribe a medicine that could help.   A good example is the farmer who strained his back wrestling hay bales at harvest time. It was a no brainer. What could the doctor do? The druggist would give a medicine that would work. Go back far enough to a time when the remedy could contain cocaine (Coca-Cola) or opium (Laudanum). Suffice to say: Every Druggist is a Pharmacist. Not every Pharmacist is a Druggist. Druggist have always been Patient-Care Specialists. Today’s Metrics-obsessed chain store pharmacists have virtually ignored patient-care. That is how the chains want it. Every minute spent with a patient is a minute away from The Prescription Mill.