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Manchester United change plans Hoilund warm game Lens.

Manchester United may delay plans for Danish striker Rasmus Hoilund Officially a new player. The Manchester Evening News reports that. Manchester United could delay the Hoilunds launch by up to three days due to various plans. Does not meet the time specified from the beginning. News reports indicate

Skybet lifts Chelsea over Manchester United

Declan Rice Skybet lifts Chelsea over Manchester United as one of the favorites Declan Rice. Although Manchester United had been link with West Ham United midfielder. Declan Rice from the start of the season until the winter transfer window closed. Skybet believes Chelsea Premier League rivals are among the favorites to

Chelsea confirm Tuchel has test positive COVID-19.

Chelsea confirm Thomas Tuchel has test positive for COVID-19. Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League Football Confirm via the official website that manager Thomas Tuchel has tested positive for Covid-19 The German boss will be quarantine ahead of today’s FA Cup kick-off by the Blues.