Manchester United change plans Hoilund warm game Lens.

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Manchester United may delay plans for Danish striker Rasmus Hoilund Officially a new player. The Manchester Evening News reports that. Manchester United could delay the Hoilunds launch by up to three days due to various plans. Does not meet the time specified from the beginning.

News reports indicate that Hoilund arrived in Manchester later than scheduled on Tuesday UFABET. The 20-year-old striker arrived at Manchester Airport at 4:15 p.m. So the medical examination was only a preliminary physical test.

Due to plans to open Hoilund on Wednesday. It had to be postponed. Because the Danish national team striker has to come to check the main body at the Carrington training ground.

In addition, Hoilund is scheduled to carry out activities during the contract signing that will take place as originally scheduled. But the club was disbanded. Because I want to focus on the physical exam on Wednesday.

It is possible that Manchester United could use their pre-season friendly against Lens at Old Trafford on Saturday August 5. For signing announcements and openings. The official Hoilund

Manchester United had previously done the same with France defender Raphael Varane. In the opening Premier League game of the 2021-22 season at Old Trafford, Leeds United 5-1