Diaz reveals background The perfect signing with Liverpool

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Diaz reveals background The perfect signing with Liverpool

New Liverpool signing Luis Diaz has revealed what is behind the scenes that made this move into the Liverpool the perfect signing for himself.

“Liverpool is a club I have been following closely over the last few years. Having said that, it may sound like over. But I watch their games without missing a beat every week,” the Colombian told UFABET

“Everyone knows in their hearts that the English Premier League is the best arena for competition. I’ve also watched them compete fiercely since I was a kid and hope to get involved someday, especially with Liverpool, an unbelievable club. Because there is a great history and success under Jurgen Klopp.”

“As I said. I have watched countless games of them over the past five years, UEFA Champions League games. It is not missing even a single moment. But as a person of FC Porto, it doesn’t look very nice to show off.

“My feeling is that every game Liverpool play is like a big game. And the more powerful opponents of the same level, the more important the match will be.”

“So no matter what angle you look at, Liverpool are the perfect team when it comes to deciding to leave the original club. I know the style of play of this team very well because I have watched a lot of games. We will analyze the details accordingly as a professional footballer.”

“From now on, I am ready to work hard to create opportunities for myself. At least you have to start and stay until 90 minutes ago, so I’m pretty sure the team will get the most out of it.”