Arsenal legend warns Liverpool not to let Salah leave

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Arsenal legend warns Liverpool not to let Salah leave despite Diaz waiting to be plug in

Arsenal legend Paul Merson has warned Liverpool not to let superstar Mohamed Salah leave because of the replacement of Luis Diaz. categorical

“One thing I would like to say to Liverpool is that No one can score as many goals for you as Mohamed Salah,” Merson told UFABET.

“Salah is a winger who has entered the field with a miracle no one else in the world can replicate. The quality and performance. He has done for Liverpool is unbelievable, like a dream.”

“And with Salah almost guaranteeing you a goal in every game, it doesn’t matter how good or talented Luis Diaz is. Because there is no way to completely replace it 100%.”

“Let’s say if Jurgen Klopp or Liverpool allow Mo Salah to leave simply because they can’t get the salary he wants. It will be a huge loss for sure.”

“And I would be very disappointed if the club didn’t care about anything because they saw themselves as able to shape Salah into a world class. You can make someone else to replace it as well. Absolutely don’t let something like this happen.”