Own Your Own Store & Thrive

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Mark Twain</strong

the reports of the death of independent pharmacy / Drug Stores have been greatly exaggerated.
Gary Ellis

Not every pharmacist should open her own store. Many of you, however are ready to kick some CVS ass. You need two things to start. COURAGE & PERSONALITY. THE MONEY IS AVAILABLE. The SBA will give you a loan at great rates. No argument. Show them your pharmacist license. Should be enough.
McKesson (and other) will ace to get you. They will front you the fixtures, the inventory,the computer. Why are they so helpful? They want a new customer. They will do anything reasonable to help you be a success.

Customers? Your personality is most important. Imagine this:

“Brenda, well here you are I have been missingou at Rite-Aid”.

“Mrs. Spurlock, it is so nice to see you. It has been my dream t own my own pharmacy and it gas come true.”

“I love this ceramic jewelry.” She holds up bracelet. “How much?”

“It is one of a kind. The artist is Beverly Price at Original Fresh Beads in Stowe, Vermont.” A pause. “That one is $90.00”.

“Too much for me.”

“One of a kind.”

Mrs. Spurlock smiles. “But not too much as a gift for my grand daughter.”

Brenda smiles. “You know I can transfer your prescriptions from Wrong-aID.”

“Oh, Brenda, I want to, but the price. My budget.”

“This is your lucky day. You have a good Part D insurance. My price will be exactly the same as at Rite-Aid.”

“Really! Let’s do it, Brenda. Transfer everything. Bill’s prescriptions too.”