7 techniques for applying beautiful, smooth nails

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7 techniques for applying beautiful, smooth nails without needing a technician! Do it yourself at home and you’ll be as beautiful as you want. โปรโมชั่น ufabet One of the beauty things that girls pay no less attention to than the face and the skin on the body is the nails because beauty complete from head to toe. But I believe that many women may not have enough free time to get their nails done. But when it comes to applying it yourself, it may be difficult. Plus it’s not as beautiful as expected.

1. Start with cleanliness

The starting point of applying nail polish effectively is cleaning the nails and the skin around the nails by pouring nail polish remover on a cotton pad and then placing it on the nails for about 5 seconds and wiping it off. Use Cuticle Remover to wipe down the edges of the nails, which will be attached to the skin. This will help maintain the shape of the nails to be more beautiful and make new nails grow stronger and have smoother skin than before. After that, soak the nails in water for about 10 minutes.

2. Manage the skin around the nails

The area around the nail It is another important part that may make nail polish unattractive. So when you have finished soaking your nails according to Technique 1, Wipe with a nail mask, then use Cuticle Butcher to scrape the edge of the nail. To remove the white tissue surrounding the nail. It will make the nail color stick better. But you should scrape it moderately. Not too deep or disturbing the skin around the nail. Because it may easily cause bacterial infection.

3. Collect details by filing.

For the nail tip area Use a file to polish. No matter what style you want. Use a decorative file and keep the details neat. Do not cause too much flaking or marks in the nail area and should be filed gently by scrubbing in the same direction. To prevent the nail from tearing, then use Nail Buffer to brush the nail surface neatly. In order to reduce sharp edges and make rough marks look smoother. It also makes the surface of the nails look more shiny than before.

4. Buff your nails.

After filing and polishing the nail surface, Use nail polish remover to wipe the area of ​​the nail that was polished again. in order to remove oil and dust From filing the nails It will help make the paint easy to stick and last longer.

5. Apply Base Coat.

Use the Base Coat solution before painting your nails. To prevent the color from absorbing into the nail. Therefore helping to remove the color after washing. Your nails won’t turn yellow. But you should choose a brand that does not cause too much stickiness.

6. Start painting your nails.

Before painting your nails, you should definitely not shake the solution bottle. But the bottle should be rotated instead of shaken. To avoid foaming It will make applying the nail polish smoother and easier. Then take the nail polish brush out of the bottle. Then smear the color on one side. This will leave only one side of the paint on the brush. Ready to apply to the center of the nail first Then carefully close the area on both sides and finish with a coat of paint on the top. Then wait a moment and reapply 2 times to make the color smooth and long lasting. But if you apply it and it smears outside the edge of your nail Use Vaseline to apply around the nail area before painting. It will help make it easier to wipe the paint off.

7. Close with Top Coat.

When the painting is finished Then wait for the nails to dry. Then cover with Top Coat to make it smooth and protect the nail color for a long time. There are always bright colors. Drag the plot to close the Top Coat in the same way as painting. But it should be applied only after the nail color is really dry. Including choosing a Top Coat, you should choose one that dries quickly.