5 low calorie cooke vegetables Eat and you won’t get fat.

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5 low calorie cooke vegetables Eat and you won’t get fat. Want to be thin?

Because even vegetables have different amounts of calories. So who likes to eat vegetables? Or are in the process of losing weight and want to choose to eat nutritious food. We recommend choosing vegetables that are low in calories. Today we would like to recommend 5 garden vegetables that are easy to find. and provides less than 40 calories to the body. As for what’s included? Let’s go follow.

1. Kale
100 grams of kale will provide a total of 31 calories. It is also a vegetable rich in calcium. That will help stabilize hormone levels. As a result, the body can reduce the desire to eat fussy foods. Importantly, kale is also suitable for women. Who are menstruating. Because it will greatly reduce irritability caused by mood swings.

2. Gourd.
Gourd in 100 grams provides a total of 30 calories. In addition, gourd is a vegetable that helps in adjusting the skin to be bright and radiant to the touch. It also helps reduce degeneration symptoms that occur on the retina. Therefore, it is suitable for people who have to work in front of a computer screen for a long time. For young mothers, you can also eat gourd to increase milk supply. Because gourd is considered a vegetable that will help nourish breast milk effectively.

3. Bean sprouts:

100 grams of bean sprouts provides a total of 22 calories. Bean sprouts are a vegetable that can be grown and eaten by yourself very easily. It is also a vegetable that is full of various vitamins. High in mineral salts And has antioxidants for girls who want to make low calorie cooke vegetables their skin soft and moisturized. I recommend eating bean sprouts. Because of the vitamin E in bean sprouts Helps to make the skin of girls. naturally beautiful

4.Morning glory

100 grams of morning glory will provide a total of 19 calories. It is well known that morning glory has properties that help nourish eyesight. And ทางเข้า ufabet helps treat nearsightedness very well. In addition, morning glory helps improve the skin of girls. To be radiant and bright and have an aura Because morning glory contains antioxidants. What is even more interesting is that Morning glory also helps in nourishing the brain and helps with memory.

5. Cucumber
100 grams of cucumber contains 15 calories. low calorie cooke vegetables Cucumber is a vegetable that plays an important role in adding moisture to the skin, making our skin naturally bright. Another interesting tip for those who are losing weight is to eat about 3 small cucumbers before each meal. This will help reduce the amount of food you eat a lot.