Warm water or cold water What’s better?

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Actually, it is impossible to decide whether warm water or cold water is better. Because it has different benefits, such as warm water helping to stimulate the functioning of internal organs. Add moisture to the skin Adds warmth to the body and increases blood circulation. Including relieving symptoms of dry throat.

But if you have to do activities such as exercising, lifting weights, cycling or running in a hot and humid environment. Drinking cold water reduces the body’s internal temperature better than warm water. Including helping you to do that activity for a longer time without feeling tired UFABET

Is drinking a lot of water really good?

Exercise can cause the body to lose a lot of water. Especially if the temperature rises even higher. It may be necessary to drink a lot of water to replace the lost water. However, drinking too much water It can cause serious harm, such as  hyponatremia. (Hyponatremia)  is often found in water drinking competitions. Long-distance running races or those who want to lose weight Hyponatremia is also known as hyponatremia. Water poisoning It occurs when drinking too much water in a short period of time, such as drinking 7 liters of water in one go or 4 liters of water in 2 hours, which can result in death. Patients may appear sick, such as headaches, vomiting, fatigue, as well as dizziness, confusion, and swollen hands and feet. If you don’t hurry, go see a doctor. Patients may experience more severe symptoms, such as brain swelling and death.