Milner has open up about working coach at Liverpool

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Milner has open up about working as a coach at Liverpool with just five months remaining on his contract.

Liverpool star James Milner has open up about the prospect of working as a coach in the Reds if it’s time to retire. This may actually happen in the next few months report by UFABET

Milner is now 36 years old and most professional footballers announce their retirement at this age. Which he himself has been active in the industry for more than 20 years ever

Back in 2002, Milner emerged as a youngster from Leeds United’s academy. Before moving to Newcastle in 2004 and rising up to be a professional footballer. Top in the English Premier League with Aston Villa in 2005.”

But Milner’s real peak was after. He move to play for a great team like Manchester City in 2010. Because of his success, winning many trophies, especially in various competitions within the British Isles. Until coming to Liverpool from 2015 to the present

with the age of “Lord Reds” is not a little and the current contract is only 5 months left. It seems that it may not have been extended further. Many people have speculate about the decision to hang up his boots to take on the job of coaching at Anfield. With Jurgen Klopp ready to welcome him all the time.