It Is Official. CVS has issued verbal orders to middle management. “Get Rid Of Older Pharmacists and HIRE CHEAPER Robo-Dispensers



This poor bastard has no chance.  I received multiple phone calls over a period of 3 months from CVS pharmacsts and one middle manager.  They all told the same story.  CVS is finding ways to fire older, veteran legacy pharmacists.  These are 20 year, 30 year CVS employees.  They are paid top rate.  They have full benefits and,all of them have 6 weeks of vacation annually.  They have been in the same store for years.  Most of thrm Pharmacy Managers.

To a person, the pharmacists who are already gone feport that their replacements are children who got their Pharm D at one of the for-profit NAPLEX preparation schools such as TOURO in Vallejo, California.   None of these poor kids knows anything about compounding.  They are completely OTC-ignorant.   Pharmacy to these children is simple.  They do what CVS tells them to do,  Basically make the Performance Metrics clock happy.  Depending pn the area of the U,S .A.  their starting wage may be substantially less than what the poor bastard Up above earns.

What  can you do to change things?  UNIONIZE.  It is not that hard or dangerous/  Once you officially organize they can’t fire you.  Once all is settled, CVS has to give you your job back.  Same position. Same store.

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Send checks to Jim Plagakis,  4079 Oakhurst Dr.  Sarasota, FL  34233

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