Do This Now. If you don’t when you are young and free, you will be dead.

The following can be YOUR story.

The Picture below is JP at Mykonos=around Christmas in 1976.  What I did that year was allowed by my pharmacist license.  California was a brain drain state and I could work 7 days a week if I wanted more money.   I also made money at the Blackjack tables at the casinos at Lake Tahoe.

I NEVER GAMBLED.  I played Revere’s basic strategy and used a money management system of my own design.    I was a machine.  It was terribly boring, but I won,a lot.  I played at $5.00 tables and could sit for 12 hours until I got my RUN.  The most memorable was in  November, 1976.  I was driving to Chicago where I would stay a few days with Jack Faber (The Fabes), my college room mate,  Then I had a ticket for an aeroplane ride from O’Hare to Schipol.

I ate breakfast at a casino in Reno.  After eating, I had $30.00 in my pocket.  This was around 9:00 AM.  I sat down at a $5.00 table.  Around 8:00 PM,  my bet had escalated to $300.00.  My cards were a 8 & a 3= eleven.  Revere said I had to double down.  I did.  My bet was now $600.00 and I got one more card.  It was a face card.   21.  My next bet was 350.00.  I lost.  I quit.  I changed color which means to go from chips to cash money.   The cashier gave me 34 one hundred dollar bills.  Before I left Reno the next morning, I stopped at a bank and got Travelers Checks.

From Holland,  I made my way to Piraeus Greece where I got on a big boat to the Aegean Sea and Mykonos.  I was gone from San Francisco for a long time.  When I finally came back,  I worked part time only for 5 years.  (More on the dynamics on that later.  Call me if you have sand in your shoes and want advice)

I lived for 6 weeks on Mykonos.  I sat on the quay with cigarettes and strong coffee every afternoon waiting for the boat.  I wanted to talk with Americans.  There were not many in December, 1976.  Each evening, I sat in a Taverna by the harbor.  Andrew (an archeologist from New Zealand) and I drank ouzo and ate cheese & stale white bread.

I met a girl at my very small hotel.  I slept every night for over a week  with this red head girl from Dublin.  I loved her and she loved me and we both knew the shelf life for us was short.  She was a great Roman Catholic and I was a lapsed Protestant.  After about ten days of waking up with her legs tangled up with mine, she had a serious need for redemption and only her priest in Dublin would do.  I walked her to the quay and we sat and hugged on the bench.  I can see her face when she said, “It has been brilliant, Jamie   When I have a son, Jamie will be his name.”  We cried and she was gone.

This was the definition of Bitter Sweet.

I tell you this because YOU CAN DO THIS.  Easy Peasy!  Call me and I will tell you how to set it up.  My adventure was protracted because I could.   Newly divorced.  Sold my house and had over $20, 000.00  in cash from the 21 tables.  The exchange rate was so favorable that my room cost me $3.80 a night, with a bath. In 1976, $20k was a lot of cash.   I was in western Europe for a long time.   2017, your money won’t last like that if you gotta do Hiltom. You will last if you go local.  That will be memorable.

Best conditions.  Young, Single with some money.  Since you are a great employee who generates profit, you can get  2 OR 3 MONTHS LEAVE.  Do it now.  They can never take it away from you.  You are a pharmacist… and a good one.  Getting a job when you finally return will not be a problem.

The background is Enetica, An area of Mykonos facing the open Aegean that was built by wealthy Venetian traders. 

A great world, my friends.  Go see some of it.  A tour doesn’t.  May as well watch TV.

2 months at Mykonos-Amazing. Met the boat every day just to talk with Americans. Not many, but a few.
My life was crap. Newly divorced. Sold my house in Benicia, quit my job managing an All-Med Drug Store and took off. Eventually came back to Bay Area, but worked only part-time for 5 years.

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