Is it time…..Yet? Or Is it about time? It is up to you!

FullSizeRenderNET Bible
For everything there is an appointed time, and an appropriate time for every activity on earth:


I am not a religious man.  Too Many Rules when broken have no teeth.  Dogma, I do not like how it makes smart people stupid.  { am a SIMPLE spiritual man, whatever the fuck that means,  I can feel it.  Make sense?  SPRING, 1963, drving west on OHIO Route 2.  The road hugs Lake  Erie.  I was driving my brand new Volkwswagen Beatle back to school in Toledo.  The sunset over the lake got me and I felt it for the first time.

Is it time for pharmacy to be pharmacy again?  I know my answer.  I know how Goose will answer.  Steve Ariens expressed himself years ago.  It is time for all of you to take a stand,  Relax, they won’t fire you.  If you do it right,  they CAN’T FIRE YOU.  There are labor laws that protect against retaliation.

Start with the proper tools.   Your memory is not good enough.  I like these.

The HD 2K Camera Pen is state of the art & pricey,  but worth it.  However, the contraption works for $20.00.  JUST DO IT!  

I cannot tell you the details like her employer, her location anything else.  The agreement included a KEEP QUIET clause.  She agreed, of course.  You would too.
A young woman, a tech, called me at 10:00 PM her time. (West coast, I’d wager)  1:00 AM my ntime.  She woke me up.  I was grumpy.

She said, “You gotta listen.”

So, I did.  My heart sang when I heard her story.  She thanked me profusely.  She had read my first post at jimplagakis,com and immediately ordered a audio/video recorder pen from an Internet company.  She tested it on her mother and wore it in her pocket to work the next day.

She had been putting up with daily harassment from a non-pharmacist manager for weeks.  She recorded him for 5 days in a row.

She made sure she said, “I don’t like this.  It is unwanted”

“Shit, listen to you getting all legal.”

“I really want to rassle that ass, XXXX”

“Let’s take a long lunch.   It will help your job.  Blow job”

“If you want to keep your job, let’s have some fun.”

“XXXX, I know you like it.  Bobby Dixon says you are a moaner.”

“Listen, a quick piece and I will owe you.”

This girl went home, downloaded the pen files to her PC.  Made two USB drive copies.  One went to her mom’s safe. The other went FedEx overnight to her company’s HR Director with a note.  Settle with me NOW or this goes to an attorney.  Don’t shine me on.  I won’t wait.

The settlement agreement she signed stipulated that she could not tell stories blaming the company.   The settlement was $30,000.00 right now and two years 40 hour tech wages paid monthly, 24 payments.  She said no.  They called her in 2 hous wanting to know what she wanted.

“All the money and 4 years tuition, books, supplies and room and board in a dormitory at A STATE UNIVERSITY.”

When the HR guy hesitated, she said, “DO you realize what I have?  You either agree to all of it today or a thumb drive goes to both TV and newspaper.”

She admits that her mom coached her.

WE win one.


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