FOLLOW UP 6-6-17 A Smart, Tough Technician Wins Big Just By Paying Attention and doing the right thing.

A Feel Good When We Need It.

A young woman, a tech, called me at 10:00 PM her time. 1:00 AM my ntime. She woke me up. I was grumpy.

She said, “You gotta listen.”

Her name is Soledad.   She wanted to clarify what I wrote.  She wanted all of you to know that she is protected.  Her mom is a paralegal for a large firm.  Mom wrote the agreement and her direct boss, a contracts specialist, did the vetting.

The drug store company was kablonked.  How can a 19 year old technician afford a law firm as important as Slam You Bam You and Fuck You Up in Court?

The non-pharmacist manager-harasser was walked out of the store with a Bankers Box of his personal property,  security people from HR with him.  He is married with a small child.  Soledad asked that the details of his firing be withheld from his wife.  There will be rumors, ut he made his bed.

An Audio Recorder make to look like a automobile key fob.




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