Safeway Pharmacists Are In Danger

This is very important.  I did research on this case for Ed Nevins, Esq.  This was a couple years ago.  He paid me well.  My job was to find Safeway (present or past) pharmacists to talk to him.  I spent hours and hours & did a good job. He paid me well.  It looks like he is going for Safeway’s nuts in a complicated case.  Help him out.  Make a difference


Safeway Pharmacists Are in Danger

Safeway Will Leave You Twisting In The Wind

A Safeway Pharmacist in California has been thrown under the bus.  You can help.  It has been reported that this pharmacist made an error that caused harm to an elderly patient.  All 1,300 of you who are getting this can make up a scenario that prevailed that evening when the mistake was made.  Most of you have worked retail chain pharmacy.  Let us speculate.  The technician has left for the day and you are working all alone.  The telephone is ringing non-stop.  The guy at the Drive-Through is now laying on his horn.  You have at least a dozen new prescriptions that need typed and filled.
The counter is cluttered.  The line at the register is now six people deep and they are getting mean.  Want more?  Just pay attention the next time you have to use the rest room and can’t get out of the pharmacy.  You are that Safeway pharmacist.
Safeway says that this pharmacist is 100% to blame.  The company has no responsibility whatsoever.  Safeway contends that company pharmacists are provided with the safest environment in the industry.  They claim that Safeway pharmacists are given all of the tools to assure that errors do not occur.  Safeway pharmacy computer hardware and software is the cutting edge of precision design to ensure that mistakes are not made.  Pharmacists who make dispensing errors are on their own.  Frankly, this guy is older and is headed for the door.
Edward Nevin, Esq is an attorney who is examining this case.  He would like to talk with you.  Is Safeway right?  Is this pharmacist a rogue who should be punished while Safeway stands aside, untouchable because Safeway Pharmacies are so perfectly managed?
If you work for Safeway now or have worked for Safeway in the past, please contact us.  All that is needed immediately is your contact information.
Contact:     Edward J. Nevin, Esq.   707-766-9556   <>

You can make a difference.  The people at Safeway seem to believe that they are untouchable.  CVS would take the same view, as would Rite-Aid and all the others.  Pharmacists are only high-priced galley slaves.  They are as expendable as a convenience store night clerk.

If you know any pharmacist who has worked for Safeway in the past or works for them now.  Please send their contact information to Ed Nevin, Esq.

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