From The Northern California Shock Troops

I would prefer both audio & video, but this audio only recorder certainly can be useful.  JP

I am going to hard ride this horse until it drops. Document Document Document. Use secret audio video recording equipment.   Any manager engaged in sexual harassment coercion is low hanging fruit. A manager who suggests that you bend or break pharmacy law is doing you a favor. Record Record Record. Need Advice? Call me, Goose or Steve Ariens.   Free counseling right now. That is usually reserved as a benefit of being a member of The Pharmacy Alliance.


Everything below the line was written by three members of our California SHOCK TROOPS. Toni Mavrantonis, Mark Raus (Union Leader) and Fred Smith. It was routed thru Fred Mayer of PPSI fame.

Increased Pharmacy closings as well as Chain Drug Store buy-outs give employers the upper hand in demanding more work from their employees. Including more prescription volume with less help. It is an well known expectation that WALGREENS WILL BE FORCED TO CLOSE QUITE A FEW RITE-AID STORES IN ORDER TO SATISFY THE FTC ANTI-TRUST requirements. Another reason that employers will find desperate pharmacists who are willing to work under unsafe conditions in order to pay to pay their bills. We have to remember that just because the chain stores can get pharmacists to work there does not mean the working conditions are OK . The validation that there are unsafe working conditions is based upon the increasing volume of rx errors and the seriousness of the errors that are occurring.

Errors now must include inadequate or inappropriate handling of DURs and consultations.

The situation is serious enough at CVS THAT MANY EXPERIENCED PHARMACISTS HAVE ALREADY DEPARTED CAUSING CVS TO BE STAFFED WITH MOSTLY YOUNGER INEXPERIENCED NEWBIE PHARMACISTS                                                                                                Raley’s is closing two more pharmacies. The Vallejo store is closing wall to wall           The Lake Tahoe/Stateline store is just closing it’s pharmacy and selling the prescription files to the nearby CVS.                                                                                   I think that in todays job market, you might get fired. There used to be a shortage of pharmacists and the pharmacist could be more assertive. Not a shortage of pharmacists today thanks to all the new pharmacy schools. Also newly graduated pharmacists are owing lots of money and more likely to put up with stuff that they should not have to. The irony is thst CVS will state that the company is for the pharmacist not to work faster than the pharmacists feels is safe. At the same time CVS is pushing a number of metrics which are scored upon a beat the clock system (deadlines must be met or you are marked down on your performance                                                                                                                  I worked the opening shift one day at CVS and my tech called in sick. I closed the doors and told the store manager that I would not open for business until they gave me help from the front end to at least run the register. He said they did not have anybody. I received a call from the district manager and supervisor. They told me that I could not refuse to open. I told them I will open the pharmacy when you give me some help. They contacted the store manager and I was given a cashier. I then called the late crew and told everyone to come in early. I was not written up but was scolded. My response to them was that it was too dangerous for me to be waiting on customers, answering the phone and also trying to fill rxs.

            I don’t know what to do for the rank and file workers out there.  But there is apparently a clear perceived, or real, danger to the public, given all the press lately about errors and failure to counsel, etc.                                                                                       I’m old school.  If I was instructed to work beyond my physical and mental limits, I’d first warn, to give management a couple hours, or just shut the pharmacy down and explain to the patients waiting that we are currently being asked to work beyond what we as professional pharmacists feel is a safe work load.  We will address the needs of those patients that are in the que over the next hour or so, but no new work will be accepted till we can adequately staff the pharmacy.  We will not work faster than safety permits.    or similar.

            Otherwise, just shut it down and walk off.  Easy to say for a retired person without a debt, or family and mortgage to support.

            There needs to be a strong organization to negotiate with the employers, and the employers need a strong organization to deal with the payers, aka PBMs that are providing too little margin to the store owners to enable them to safely staff the pharmacy.  

            Price wants to exempt physicians from antitrust so they can negotiate with payers.   We should ask him to include all healthcare providers in the field in such a exemption.   For all his many yuge faults, he is an advocate for physicians making more money, and dislikes all third parties.  If he’s going to be around, we may as well seek his help.  I understand he’s in favor of pharmacists increasing professional roles, and being recognized as such for payers. 




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