Most Important Theme Ever! Wake UP!


You can spend from $15.00 to $500.00.  The technology will rock you.   The “Hidden Spy Pen Camera”  is a offering for less than $20.00.  I have asked California Union Leader Mark Raus to buy one and test drive it for us.   Look for his review.  The” HD 2K Camera Pen” goes for $149.00 retail.   Probably worth it.  When you go to the Chief Compliance Officer (Or the court) you want your AV files to be impeccable.

Hello, my friends.  I am back.  The everlasting theme is “Spy tools in every pharmacist’s pocket”.    The Guerrilla Pharmacist will make it easy for every single one of you to buy and use surreptitious video & audio recording devices.  We will try to make a deal with manufacturers to find the best equipment for the best price.  I did a few Internet searches.  You can be on your own.

WE have been advising DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT for 25 years.  Now, we get real.  You will record (audio & video)  your conversations with management and just hope they are stupid.

One comment like this,  “Your metrics are shit, Marie.  You counsel too much.  If you want your job, you will have to start paying attention to what your real job is.  So knock off this counseling bullshit and start making the metrics look good”.

One comment like this and you (and every other pharmacist) wins.  Your company’s Chief Compliance Officer, your State Board of Pharmacy or the Judge will find your recording compelling evidence in your favor.   How would it go if you had 12 files, A half dozen of sexual harassment.  Be smart, Marie.  Document everything the 21st Century way…………………………………………………………………………………..

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